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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Topic Outline

Topic Outline
I. Introduction
A. Amy Tan
1. Amy Tan’s cultural background
2. Amy Tan’s works of fiction

B. Traditional Chinese belief
1. Worship of ancestors
2. The five elements
3. Curse of the dead
4. Signs of the zodiac

II. Psychology of superstitious behaviors
A. The reasons behind worshiping ancestors
1. Remembrance of the blood line
2. Domestic harmony

B. Signs of the zodiac and the five elements as symbols of personality
1. Good or bad marriages
2. Characters

C. Superstitious behaviors as emotional outlet
1. Confidence supplement
2. A means to reduce stress and deal with crisis

III. Episodes analysis

A. The Joy Luck Club
1. Lindo Jong
2. An-Mei Hsu

B. The Bonesetter’s Daughter
1. Liuxin Gu
2. Luling Young

IV. Conclusion: Superstitious behaviors are not only irrational, they have psychological functions.


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